I'm pretty and friendly but no one likes me?

Why am I not popular like other girls? I don't really care, I'm honestly just curious.
I'm always a nice, friendly, polite person. People find me attractive; I get complimented on my looks often, boys want to sleep with me, etc.
I'm fairly well rounded, talent and intelligence wise.
But for some reason, I don't have many friends. At parties, I only get approached by a few people when other girls have guys all over them. I'm always the odd one out in the group, I can tell people don't care for my presence much. I don't get tons of "likes" on social media.
Yes, I'm a little awkward and shy at times and can be a little silly and weird.
I just don't understand what the difference is between me and popular girls.
I'm pretty and friendly but no one likes me?
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