Is it unusual for a 15 y/o to be extremely smart, opinionated, and mature?

This question is by no means meant to be vain. I am only 15 despite what my profile says and I have been through a lot despite my young age. I am a sophomore, but all of my classes are either AP, Honors, or junior classes, and I make A's in all of them. I am extremely good at giving advice to people of all ages in a multitude of situations and circumstances. People in their 20's and 30's have come to me for help with personal problems and advice. I have different views on the world than the mast majority of people. I have the ability to actually make myself feel different emotions. I can look at the sky and forget everything and feel such serenity and it is almost as if I am trapped inside a snow-globe that has yet to be shaken. I am also considered a "deep thinker." I can never make friends with people of my own age because they are to immature, and I feel like an outcast with my friends in their 20's because of the age difference. I have never met someone who thinks the same way or that has the same views as I in person. Is there anyone else like me? Or am I just an outcast as I have feared?
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I am finished responding to those who do not believe a 15 year old can be intelligent and mature. Those claiming that it is a phase or that it is simply all 15 year olds and the similar age group that goes through this. You do not know me, you do not know how I treat others, you do not know how others treat me, you do not understand the pain I have felt in my life causing me to be the way I am, The simple cause of my question was to see if there were other people around my age who were mature.
Is it unusual for a 15 y/o to be extremely smart, opinionated, and mature?
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