Is the friendship over or salvageable?

I've been "best friends" with this person since college. At first, we were just hanging out with mutual friends, but later into college/post-graduation we were attached at the hip. We both are reserved people, but I opened up to her a lot, but she never really opened up to me on a regular basis. She only really opened up to me if something crazy happened, but never about dating, going out, etc. I would find out about stuff from other people/facebook, etc. the more time passed, the less I knew about her, but we hung out almost every single day. we always had a good time, but i didn't feel like we were "close."

Her and I are opposites. she likes to get all dressy, party, plan everything, etc. I'm very free spirited, laid back, jeans and chucks type of person. She has "work friends" that are just like her and they all go out and what have you without me, which is fine because i'm not a party/club person, but if they go to dinner or movies or something, she won't invite me/tell me about it, but i will invite her everywhere, without thinking about it.

to be honest, i think she's embarrassed of me because her friends have "standards" that i don't care for/live up to in terms of how i dress/carry myself.

at any rate, she makes more money than i do/has a career going and i'm still figuring out my way, doing freelance and volunteer work. she recently went on a vacation we were supposed to go on together with one of her other friends. not only did she take the vacation, but she took it during my birthday and left me hanging. after that, i haven't seen her in over a month. she has sent me text asking how i am/wanting to hang out but i've always been "busy."

i don't know how/if i should tell her how i feel or if i should just let it be. do you think this is something worth saving?
Is the friendship over or salvageable?
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