I am I destined to live alone?

I've had girlfriends in the past but I've broken up with them for various reasons and vice versa. And i've come to learn that it is usually better that some things don't always work out.

I work as an Jr. engineer, and there are not women my age where i work. and its mostly male dominated field.

I don't enjoy the bar or club very much, i am more of a quite person and would rather talk over coffee than shout over music... ya'know?

I went on a trip to china alone see part of the country and to visit an old childhood friend of 10+ yrs. And was perfectly content with being by myself. I would have like to meet someone there. but then i'd leave... so why have the heartache?

I guess what i am asking... is am i slowly becoming more and more of a loner? I mean, I would like a girlfriend, someone to travel with and enjoy each others company. But i am not into meeting people in the "normal" places (i mean i went to china alone just to explore 'cause i could...) i don't have many opportunities to meet women, and i am not the most talkative guy and I don't tend to start conversations very much. I speak when I need to speak...

I am I destined to remain alone?

It really didn't hit me until my co-workers asked me if anyone came with me on my trip... i just told them, 'No, just me'. Is that weird?

Feel free to ask me if you need more information. i am sure i missed some thing.
I am I destined to live alone?
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