Should I give up on even liking anyone anymore?

It seems like every guy I like doesn't see me as a love interest. I like a guy and he leads me to think he likes me then they do crazy things. I am a good girl, I've never done anything with a guy more than be kissed or hugged. I just gave up on a complicated relationship with a guy I fell in love with in high school. It was long distance and I always sent him things to help and been there for him. After I finally got to visit him I thought we were back together. Soon as I get home turns out he has a girlfriend now, its not me. Then he hurts my feeling by throwing it in my face. I told him I give up and he said "you are my best friend I know I am a jerk but I don't want to lose you". He hurt me for the last time. My new years resolution was to let him go and focus on my studies. After finally giving up on that 6yr relationship I came to like other guys that seem sweet, but don't want to date me. The resent guy after months just told me he had a girlfriend. I dont think I am ugly, I'm always told that I am a sweet person and really fun, I don't get crazy with relationship I know when to give space and I'm a calm person. Why does every guy I like not want to be more than friends and or just out to get my virginity? :(
It's not you it's them
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you just attract jerks
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should give up on the idea of having relationship
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go back to only focusing on you studies and don't look back.
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tell your mom to forget the possibility of grandchildren
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Should I give up on even liking anyone anymore?
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