Really worried for/about my mum?

basically, my mum was found to have a cyst in her uterus and it has a possibility to be cancerous :/
she is having a full hysterectomy, appendix removed and a layer of fat taken out, so if it was cancer, there would be nowt to cling to.

she is the strongest person i know. but she has been in bits over this (understandable) and no matter how "strong" me or my family are for her, she puts on a brave face. Then cries later :c
keeps saying things like "if i dont make it.." and "i really do love you" (she wasn't ever the type to say that"

im just scared
i know it sounds selfish and stuff... but infront of her, i gotta be happy and positive...
guess this is me being how i really feel.

so i guess my question is, do ya have any advice?
Really worried for/about my mum?
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