What do you think of girls on the boys football team?

Or any sports team really?

So I'm from a small town and my old high school has only one football team, the men's or boys team.
My sister is 16 and well she tried out for it. My parents were fine with it because they didn't think she'd make it but she did make the team. And now my parents are kinda upset. Well my mom is, my dad loves it, he always wanted our brother to play football. But my mom thinks it's too dangerous for a girl too play with guys and also that she'll get teased in school

And her boyfriend broke up with her too because of that. He said he just didn't how to deal with it.
My parents, the coach and her also had a talk with the principal about it. So the whole thing seems to very controversial and got me wondering, what do you guys think?

For once what my mom is worried about, what do you guys think about girls who play in the boys team? Would you date her?
And guys would you mind playing with one?
Other than that what issues do you see with it? Because honestly I don't see why everyone is so upset?
Apparently the principal said something about it sending the wrong message to other girls, but what message would that be exactly?
Cool, good for her
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That's just wrong
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What do you think of girls on the boys football team?
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