I feel like my life is going downhill.. I am so lonely?

I am 19. I am currently working and studying both part time. But I feel like in the past months I have just lost my confidence, I had a best friend a few months ago but she literally abandoned me, like she changed her number and just stopped wanting to know me. I didn't get into university, so I am retaking some of my exams, but I don't feel like I have the confidence to get the grades I need. So I don't study. Even though teachers say I do have the means to get the grades. I recently got dumped by the guy I love and he doesn't care about me.
I feel like I have no friends, I feel like nobody likes me, I don't have opportunities to socialise and I feel like no matter how nice I am to people, they never reciprocate. I always get left behind. No matter what. I never go out anywhere so when im not working I just stay inside, or if I do go out I always go out on my own, like to eat or something.
I literally dislike my life. Its just changed dramatically and I don't know how to pick up my confidence so that I study and I feel happier as a person. Nobody really cares about me, nobody checks how I am. I just feel like a burden and that I am easy to forget.

Please help me
I feel like my life is going downhill.. I am so lonely?
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