Come and read. give me only 100% pure honesty about me and give me some advice on improvement?

so what im about to tell you is top secret so don't tell my mother. 100% true and not a single lie.
so here it goes :
from birth to kindergarden, I've been more of a ladies man, well not really man , more like ladies child, you know what i mean. anyways, girls are always around me, they would rather choose to spend more time with me rather than other chinese, considering it was a chinese kindergarden but has different nationalities in it. so they would usually hug and kiss me but hey, kids arn't shy to do so. during those years, i met a (girl) friend, we had a lot in common , more than we think and always do goofy stuff cuz we're just too comfortable with each other that it is okay to fart out loud and you know, take all the food from the fridge when we visit each other XD.
okay on to the next chapter, primary. well before primary school started, we have decided to have a farewell picnic since we don't know where will we end up during primary. the kids that were there includes my bff, sister, 4 girls and 1 guy friend. well all kissed each other and gave free hugs before well went home, too bad my guy friend was too shy. okay now here's the fun part. my primary life kinda sucks, i was bullied because i was different, but at least my bff ( girl) was here to support me and she didn't need to suffer that much. and i was bullied for 6 years. how nice XD.. but on my 6th year of primary, i don't know why i isolated myself from my girl-friend, even though she tried her best to stick to me , i still avoid her. and now i lost her.
lastly secondary. new school means new beginnings and yea I've improved a lot. i found new friends , few girls i can talk too but it is still a chinese school and its still hard to get along considering that im the only filipino in my classroom. found my first gf when i was 16 , online, lost her because of insecurity and now im depressed. haha please comment and tell me what you think about me and how to improve it. sorry for the long post XD
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edit: sorry. forgot the main question. i want you guys to give me some tips on how to live a better life and tell me what i did wrong in the past..
Come and read. give me only 100% pure honesty about me and give me some advice on improvement?
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