Why won't he let the conversation die?

I don't know why he won't let the convo die.
We are just friends and he has a girlfriend. Our communication is strictly platonic. He isn't my type anyway. Only friends.

I'll think the convo is over in our texts and then boom, he writes something furthering the convo. There's nothing else to say about it! We will talk about a movie for example or mention a movie. Then the convo about this drags on and on for days. It's like, I'm done talking about it! And I'll respond with one word answers. Or even "haha" and still he replies.

why? And so then how do I end the convo? He says things that warrant a response but I do not.
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Also, I hope I don't sound harsh here. I do value our friendship but nobody else texts me like this. I'll get another sometime tomorrow... And I also don't want to seem rude as like I said, he does write things that warrant a response. We don't see eachoter often at all as he moved away quite some time ago.
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He just replied, over a day later. I'm going to not respond and let it die, I feel bad but this was at least less warranting of a response.
Why won't he let the conversation die?
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