Does anyone else hate inconsiderate people?

I'm a pretty considerate person myself, well mannered, and don't say much, I let others go first, and never take the last of anything, clean up after myself , etc .

What bothers me though, are inconsiderate people. Like not a little, but when I see someone do something inconsiderate, I either wanna slap them, or kill them, depending on what they did. I don't, but I think about it. Like my brothers are EXTREMELY inconsiderate, and Once when I went on this bus, there was a woman with a baby, and she had to stand ( I stood too) and a seat opened up, I was letting the woman take it, when this random dude, about 25 I'm gonna guess, practically ran and sat under the woman and got the seat. The woman stood up, and the dude said "gotta be faster" keep in mind, this was a woman maybe in her 30's, carrying a baby. I killed that man in my mind, no joke, in my mind, he was a pile of ashes.

But yah, just... inconsiderate people really get on my nerves. Anyone else feel this?
Does anyone else hate inconsiderate people?
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