Am I wrong not to be mad/frustrated?

So today was one of my friends birthday and she told to come by at a nightclub midnight. I came there with a friend didn't go inside the nightclub since they charge a fee entrance so we decided to wait for my friend and her friends.

Waited for an hour and a half just to find out they had another plan never told me about it which pissed me off but I didn't go off on her because it's her birthday which is fine. You make the decisions where you want to go but AT-LEAST let me know before hand dammit even after an hour and a half.

So I decided to go somewhere else with my friend and then go home. Her friend texted me that I "should" of went to her friends houses which was fucking far by the way and I decided not too because of the late ass reply.
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*Am I wrong to be mad/frustrated?*
Am I wrong not to be mad/frustrated?
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