I Have A Problem With Men. How Do I Get Over It?

To make a long story short. I liked a guy for about 2 years and all he wanted was to have sex with me. He added salt to wounds by telling me he hates, didn't like me enough to pursue a relationship with me and he didn't even enjoy having sex with me anymore. Right now I'm feeling sort of hurt and I feel like guys do not like me. I just feel like they dont find me attractive and for some reason just want to use and hurt me and play games.
A few scenarios...
I have had one guy approach me and tell me he likes me, but when I showed interest, he ditched me for another woman. Then he would want to call me when things dont go well with that woman they ditched me for.

I have had another guy, I have known him since we were teenagers, he told me he has liked me, but never had the courage to talk to me, he told me he was single when we ran into each other again but come to find out he (still) had a live in girlfriend, and 2 kids. When I found out about it and confronted him he claimed that he doesn't want to be with her and wants to leave but he can't because he doesn't have a place to live.

To make a long story short, I have dont have much luck with guys at all. These situations, and many, many others (I would share but this would be way too long) have been making me feel very pessimistic towards men. I feel like this because every guy I have dated or liked has treated me like crap. I've even dated outside my race, a white guy, but he wanted to keep our relationship a secret because I'm black. I dont want to resort to a man hating attitude because I do want a meaningful relationship, but I feel that way a lot. I'm very cold to men who have approached me because I feel like they are just going to do the same thing to me or they are just running game. I dont have much trust in men. Any REAL advice on how to get over my issues with men?
I Have A Problem With Men. How Do I Get Over It?
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