I'm a rude person aren't I?

So I used to have this guy as a good friend. Last year I did a LOT of stuff to him. Taser and tickle him to the ground, sharpie his nails rainbow and face paint a monacle, bushy eyebrows, a moustache complete with a goatee on his face. He didn't really stop me from doing it as he usually says no but he went with the flow. I also burn him form time to time like "why r u so stupid!!!" or "Why u scream like girl!!" (He WAS stupid cus he had basketball but he stepped into an ankle deep puddle with his only pair of shoes on purpose. He screams like a girl (literally like a feminine scream. Not one of those high pitched screams that make your ears bleed.) everytime i taser him. BUT THIS IS LAST YEAR. NOT THIS SCHOOL YEAR) by the way His friends also do really good burns like me also and he still hangs out with them to this day tbh.
This year I've decreased my torture by like 80% because I realized I liked him so yeah. Well... today I did kick a chair he was standing on and scared the living shiz outta him. (Remind me not to do that again as he landed on me -_-)
Anyway, so I was thinking I should be nicer to him so I was wondering how do I do this without being obvious, being creepy like im on drugs and not distancing myself from him (My only link to him tbh is because I torture him then I end up in the conversaton.)
PS would it make sense if I like him but I act like I just use him as a torture doll?
Yes, you are a complete dick and my ways of helping u improve are in my comments.
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I'm a rude person aren't I?
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