I think I'm falling for my bisexual friend?

Okay, this may be long.

I'm wondering if maybe this is what you would call a crush or not - my "best" guy friend is bisexual and I've listened to him talk about this guy he really likes, but he says he likes a girl too (guy more right now though as he confessed and everything).

I suspect the girl is me because of his actions... and hints when I asked who it was and not. Though it may not be, there isn't many more options. Anyway recently he and I started talking more/hanging out more, his appearance changed pretty dramatically, I don't know. When he is with other friends (girls and now guys I guess too) and whatever I get kinda jealous, (he is very popular so it's hard to deal with that since I'm more shy) he is the only one I like to have pay attention to me and touch me I guess, (he doesn't do that to many people), I'm attracted to him, I always hope he is the one who is texting me, when people decided to start shipping us he didn't mind nor did I, I feel.. hmm, I don't know. Maybe I'm just falling in love with the idea of falling in love, or just cherish his friendship in a weird way even though I don't really like everything he does or says. I suppose because he is so popular, when I hang out with him and he starts talking to other people and ditches me, it's not necessarily my favourite yet I still want to be with him.

I don't want to date him or really do anything either other then the urges to do things such as hug him or whatever or be the one he always chooses, so I wonder if this is just a friend crush, or what? Does anyone have any sort of similar experience?
I think I'm falling for my bisexual friend?
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