Why is discrimination against white people accepted?

The Ferguson situation is a perfect example. A human murdered another human and it was wrong. Yet it has become a huge race war despite the shooting not necessarily being a hate crime. Is there any evidence that Wilson was a racist and shot Brown because he was black? No. People have argued that Ferguson is a result of institutional racism which may be true; Wilson probably subconsciously racially profiled Brown. It is not the fault of every white person, though.
Anyway, the hostility and blatant prejudice people are showing toward eachother do not make sense. Many people are generalizing white people and cops while fighting to end racism. The riots are ridiculous, especially when innocent cops are targeted. It is all justified and accepted, though.
That seems to be the pattern. White people are stereotyped, discriminated against, and labelled as ignorant racists. Several of my black colleagues have admitted to judging me and other white people but they get away with it. Most of the time, a white person will face serious consequences for doing the same. There are clearly double standards but they're ignored. Its like people don't want to accept that white people aren't always bad. I understand that I have white privilege and can't understand what a black person goes through but a black person also does not know what i go through as a white person; I'd love to trade in my white privilege and live one day without being a racist awful person. I may get shit for this but I'm honestly curious as to why racism and judgment are still so prevalent yet accepted. I don't understand double standards or why I'm hated by some people for my skin color. I've always cared about social justice but am honestly discouraged every time i am labelled or stereotyped. Whites, blacks, Asians, latinos, are all humans. Why can't everyone stop judging?
Why is discrimination against white people accepted?
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