Why do a lot of people HATE women?

Men like women's bodies... but do they like their personalities?

Men can be called rapists/murderers all day long but they are loved overall. Women though a protected class... are despised. Men hate women. Women hate women.



Lets look at some comments--

- this is why I'll never get involved with them all at all costs whatsoever, because they mess up all men

- Don't call them ladies, they are worthless whores

- They are monsters inside with cold blooded veins.

- spent 14 years with a crazy bitch. She ruined me. Now I don't see my kids. What a waste.

- I know some bad fuckin bitches, and it's so damn unfortunate that I'm around them so much that it starts to rub off on me. Holy fuckin shit, that is why I had more guy friends that girl friends. I try not to be fuckin evil, but sometimes it does come out.

- Wait for a few years and see how she will manipulate & control you


- All woman are evil. I never met one that wasn't. Your being nice saying its 98% so you don't get a big womanizing thing going on but we all know its 100%. And the ones that do everything you say and don't talk back those are the ones that will push your ass down the stairs when you least expect it. Or they will poison your food when they find a man they feel safe with that has more money then you do.
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Think about all the abuses women get...

- mofo
- bitch
- cunt

etc etc
Why do a lot of people HATE women?
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