Wanting to answer any questions I left people with.

Hey guys!

I don't know if anyone remembers me as Willow4 (I tried using it again but someone got there first lol) but I left a few months ago without really letting anybody know.

I just wanted to come back to let the few people I left behind (I don't know who is still here and who isn't) know that I'm ok and I'm truly truly sorry for getting rid of my account without letting you know. I've been very sick recently to the point where I came off every site I was on because I didn't want to deal with everything. I still am very ill so I won't be coming on very often at all but I've really missed people very very much and I hope those few can forgive me for running off without explanation :(

I hope everyone has been ok and I will get back to people eventually, there's just a lot going on for me at the minute so I really only have time for recovery... but I am here! and I'm still alive lol and hoping you all don't hate me :)

Love and hugs to everyone, I hope GaG is just as I left it :)
Wanting to answer any questions I left people with.
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