Why do people compare Hispanic/Latina women?

Why do people ask which one is better than the other they are both Latina women. Both have similar features I just don't get it. I'll see

Puerto Ricans vs Dominicans
Colombians vs Brazilians
Mexicans vs Salvadoran

Why They the same to me.
Its like saying
Nigerian vs Ethiopian

Both are African, both are black why compare
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When I say compare I mean the looks why do people compare there LOOKS. Growing up with a Hispanic family I just don't get why people compare them. Our cultures and physical features are different but there are very very similar.
Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are similar. Brazilian culture is also very similar to the rest of them. The looks are similar as well
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Same goes for east Asians. I bet they have different cultures but are very similar as well. And if you saw a group of east Asians it will be hard to just automatically pick out where there from
Why do people compare Hispanic/Latina women?
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