Is race still really a big issue outside the realm of the police?

I'm asking this as an individual who rarely sees racism. With that said, let me give you my background.
I grew up in what was called "The Ghetto" back in my home town. I'm white, but most of my neighbors were African American (black). However, though there was some issues with cops going after AA's more so than whites. It was never a big issue outside of the police department.
Moving to Atlanta as to where the majority of the population is African American. I saw almost no traces of racism from either side. Except for once on a train. To where there was a minor incident with an older white male, but beyond that. I was treated fairly, and so saw all races treating one another fairly.
Then I moved to Seattle, and yet to see a single sign of racism outside of the occasional stories of cops profiling on occasion, but nothing from the common folk.
After my last move to Houston, and with all the Ferguson/Garner situations going on. I really started thinking about the racial issues that the media keeps spouting. Saying that whites are against African Americans, and that African Americans are against whites. However, I honestly just don't see it at all, and like I said before. If I do, it's very rare. Maybe I'm lucky, and have yet to see it?
Please keep in mind, that I'm not one of those "only hangs out with my own race" kind of individual. A majority of my close friends are actually of different ethnics, and my fiance is Filipino.
Yes, it's still a big issue.
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Is race still really a big issue outside the realm of the police?
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