Kids: Yay, Nay or I May One Day?

I've been with my SO for many years and I love our life and relationship. Most of my friends have had kids now and everyone is always asking when we are going to have our own. I love children and I have so many "adopted" nephews and nieces, everyone always says I'd make an amazing mother and I know my SO would be an awesome dad, but is it just me who doesn't want to give up her partner to share him with a child? I don't want our relationship to change and having a kid would totally do that. Am I being incredibly selfish and greedy wanting him all to myself? Does anyone else out there feel the same way - that kids are great but I don't want my life to change?

As time inevitably marches on I feel more and more pressure to make up my mind.
Kids: Yay, Nay or I May One Day?
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