Facebook block? Help?

Okay so I have a question about blocking on Facebook. Me & my ex have been on/off for the last 2 months. He used to blovk me unblock me all the time! After our final argument I wanted to be the one in control & make sure I blocked him from my life! I blocked his page. But now further down the line I'm over it & want to try be civil wth each other due to having the same social circle.

But when I go on my block list he's not there. When I go to his page it says page not found. Yesterday his name came up in his friends post & I could click on it? But then earlier another friend posted a tag with him in it but there was no link?

Did he block me before I blocked him? (I'm pretty sure I blocked him) & why is it allowing me one moment to click on his tag & then the next not showing his tag? Could it be that he unblocked me to block me again? And how has he been able to block me when I blocked him first?
Facebook block? Help?
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