Roommate from hell or ignorant victum?

My boyfriend and I have a housemate. We rent a room to her. We met her on craigslist. Her and I have become pretty close. We talk everyday and she helps me out with a lot of stuff. In October she started hanging out with a guy named Johnny.

One day, Johnny was talking in the back yard and my boyfriend overheard a peice of his conversation and it sounded like Johnny was trying to scam a person for credit card information. After a huge argument and almost a fight I asked my roommate to take her friend and leave for the day. My boyfriend and I discussed the situation. Thought about it and after a week we decided that since my bf didn't hear the whole conversation, and we trust our roommate, to give him the benefit of doubt.

THEN about mid November I got an alert to some inquires into my credit report. At that time I filed a police report and closed the accounts that were opened. On Dec. 6Th I had some free time so I ran my entire credit report. I had over 25 inquires into my credit report for credit cards, auto and personal loans. I started calling the local business first. One of the business was a used car dealership. Since I had a police report they gave me the application the person provided to them. It included a copy of MY I. D. with Johnnys pictures and identifying information. I also noticed that he listed my roommate as his passes landlord. He also put her phone number down as his work telephone number.

I confronted her and she claims that she knew nothing about it. I dont know if I should kick her out or not. I don't know if I believe her.

She also admitted that she didn't know Johnny well. She knew him for a day before she let him into my home.

And, through talking, I found out that Johnny is HIV positive. She didn't share that with us. She allowed this guy into my home. She let him take a shower. Have access to my mail.

What would you do?
Roommate from hell or ignorant victum?
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