What happens when you stop your ADHD medication?

Hi guys & gals,

My friend takes Biphentin 50mg/day every morning before he goes to work. He has a prescription because he was tested positive for ADHD...

He told me that it really helps him to both concentrate and memorize stuff. Since he started taking it, I saw a very good change in his attitude! He has much better grades, he study less but retains more, in class he participates a lot more, and much more.

I want to know though, I read on the subject and it says that Biphentin is an amphhetamine. And when you use amphetamines daily, it creates an addiction!

I have a few questions now:

1. Can my friend stay addicted to Biphentin? Like, is he going to become crazy if he loses his pills?

2. If he stops using Biphentin, will his concentration and ability to memorize be even worst then before he started using the prescription drug?

Thanks in advance, he is a very good friend of mine and I am happy that this biphentin thing helps him so much,

SwoleBookworm :)
What happens when you stop your ADHD medication?
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