Why do men play women?

So a long story cut short- I was "seeing" a guy briefly. Right from the start he'd said he had many relationships etc and that he was desired by many girls. His personality in general is sarcastic and he doesn't think before he speaks.
Anyway, I refused to do anything sexual with him (second time I met him in the space of knowing each other for a week) after that he ignored me and wouldn't speak to me properly. A few weeks after he told me he thought I was a nice girl but he was missing his ex and wanted to work things out with her. Being the nice person that I am, I was really good about it and didn't make a huge deal.
I was talking to somebody close to him a few days ago and was told that he treats girls like objects and his marriage has actually loosely been arranged to somebody!
I know I'm better off without but I just want to know WHY are some men like this? His family are strict and even he told me (while we were on good terms) that his parents won't let him choose a bride so he stalls them. I feel perhaps this is a factor? But he practices his religion and is great to his family- how can anybody be so heartless? I mean, he has sisters himself.
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Ps. He knew all along that I was looking for a long term thing- yet he knew he was going to marry someone else the whole time, why did he carry on with seeing me?
Why do men play women?
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