Is it okay to wish him a Merry Christmas even though I haven't spoken to him for 5 months?

So, I had some drama when I started dated my boyfriend of 5 months. I'll try to summarize best that I can.
January last year I made a group of friends online in an online game and we continued to get to know each other through video chats into the summer. 4 of them were from the same hometown and lived far away from me, 1 girl 3 boys.
2 of the guys, who were friends for 3 years, both fell in love with me. Guy A confessed he liked me, I did like him too we flirted a bit and chat and vented a lot but I told him because of the distance I didn't want to get together. He was hurt and mourned over it for a month, until I confessed to Boy B I liked him and he admitted he liked me at the same time and we decided to date even though we're long distance. (I was way closer with B, for every hour I talked with A, I talked to B for like 5 hours and we bonded over some complicated things)
Due to me not wanting to ruin their friendship, we kept the fact we were dating from A for a month until after they went to a gaming convention. Boy A started talking shit about B, I got annoyed and implied I was dating B, and then A got pissed and hasn't spoken to me since.
Good news is, he's still friends with B, they had their spat and made up, but because I chose B over A he said "I'm cool with you as long as I never have to talk to your girlfriend again."
And true to our word, we haven't talked to each other for 5 months.
However, I think it's immature and stupid and I miss being able to chat with the WHOLE group of friends again. (The other 2 are chill with me dating B)
So do you think it's okay to simply wish A a Merry Christmas and hope he's doing well? Just a short message like that.
Is it okay to wish him a Merry Christmas even though I haven't spoken to him for 5 months?
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