Why does he ignore me now? Was him and everything a lie?

I met this guy online on August. I just wanted to help him out cause he was a sensitive, sad guy. I tried on my best to be his support and the friend that would be always there, thats what I did.
Besides talking about his and our problems we had normal conversations and we talked about everything, we always had things to talk about. It was really "special" cause i've never been talking that much to a person i met online, i always got bored, but it didn't happen with him. I kind of started to have feeling for him and I think he also did. He sent me songs like "Carrousel - Melanie Martinez" I loved that song, and he said "We are a freak show" (the song says this) I didn't get what he meant in that moment but im sure he meant something. A different day I showed him another song, about love and stuff and he was like "Does this remember you to something?" Obviously it remembered me of him but i just said no, and i regret it so much. A different day he wrote me on paper (took a photo and sent it) i promised him i will do it too, some days after i did it and he said "I'm smiling like an idiot" Its one of the nicest things anyone has ever told me.
5 weeks ago or so he was so distant. I tried to make the conversation going but he was like he didn't give a fuck about it. So I decided to stop texting him. He doesn't text me either aand i feel bad cause i have helped him so much and it seemed like he hadn't anybody, any friend but now he left me after everrything. I just dont get it andmake sme thing about if this has all been a lie or what.

Ok and also he seemed to be really busy, i asked him and he said something like "Sorry, when i feel sad i just move away from people" But im sure this is jjust another lie.

(He is American, im European)
Why does he ignore me now? Was him and everything a lie?
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