How do I become friends with the guy I like?

He makes me kind of nervous so i dont know if thats why i am having a hard time being his friend.

When we first met, we actually got along great. He's really nice and respectful and so sweet. We work together so we spend a good amount of time together. He seemed like a cool guy so i wanted to get to know him and possibly be friends with him. So, things backfired. He turned out to be so awesome and i started to get feelings for him. For about a month, he would stare at me up and down and i would pretend i wouldn't notice. I'm not used to that sort of attention. He always compliments me, whether its about my looks or about something "sweet or cute" i do, but one day i changed something about my hair and he complimented me on it a lot. he went on and on about how good it looked on me. later that day, i finally looked at him when he looked at me up and down and he told me i was pretty hot. i said thanks.

so i see that my friend/coworker knows things about his personal life/ last major relationship. He also told her he's into quiet girls. (i am quiet so maybe i have a chance!) I don't know that much about him but he tells me other things. He tells me about his kids and sometimes asks for my opinion about what to buy them and stuff. he tells me why he misses work, and about his last jobs.

but lately, after the day he told me i was hot, he acts kind of weird. i act the same with him. i still playfully mess with him and steal his pens and "get on his nerves" like he tells me, but he looks at the floor a lot now. and he talks more quietly. he seems a bit more serious. he still talks to my friend like normal though but he still seems kind of down about something. if im somewhere, he will keep coming over for random reasons. i do the same though. and we still poke fun at eachother.

how can i become his friend like my friend is with him?
How do I become friends with the guy I like?
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