So I like a friend... (I know, cliche) ?

Hi everyone! So I knew this guy last year but we didn't really talk. At the beginning of this school year (so 5 ish months ago) we got really really close! He and I have a lot in common, even really weird things no one gets. We have the same goals, we have very similar passions, we can have whole conversations made entirely of references! And of course the inevitable happened... I fell for him. I've tried flirting - sorta. And I think maybe he's flirted back. But the thing is we're just really friendly/comfortable with eachother... so it's really hard to tell. If it was anyone else I would say he was totally flirting with me, but he has a lot of friends who are girls (most of them actually) and he's pretty close with them too. But I think we've become basically best friends really, really fast. And something seems a little different with how he interacts with me (However, that could just be me being hopeful) Anyways, there's a dance coming up next month, we'll probably go in a group together. I was thinking about taking the plunge, making a move. I'm bad with words when I'm nervous so I was thinking about maybe kissing him on the cheek when we're alone. So what do you guys think? Does a kiss on the cheek sound okay? Do you think he might like me? Should I even do it?

Additional information
One of my friends told his bestfriend (also, a girl) that she thought my crush liked me.. and his bestfriend said "maybe... but i dont think so... he likes girls that are more..." then she trailed off
When we have conversations we always make complete eye contact the entire time
He touches me, little touches on the arm or back, but i certainly notice
(I know this is stupid but..) best friends on snapchat (even above his bestfriend that i mentioned earlier)
He's a pretty confident guy so if he does like me, why not ask me out?
If it matters, waaayy back at the beginning of the year I told him I like this other guy
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So I like a friend... (I know, cliche) ?
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