How can I deal with this girl whom I once called friend?

This girl who I called friend is spreading lies about me. Let's call her A.
All my friends whom she also know is ovioding me now and even my close guy friend. She was jealous of how close friend we were. Who know what she told him. He was kind awkward when I met him and he immediately left.
The thing iis that A is having a relationship behind her family with a guy from another town. Anyway so he come here and she wanted me to hang out with her and this guy so we went to an expensive restaurant the first day. A know that I don't live on my parent money like she do and I don't have a good job either. despite that she insisted me to go. I said ok but i don't wanna buy something. She bought a meal to me I told her no I can't borrow that money she replied no you don't need to pay back becuase we are friends. Ok then I will definitely take you out someday when I offer good job.
The other day she beg me to go again I was like no. As usual she insisted. I said okay and chose the least expensive meal in the menu. This is all because she don't want people she know or her parents see her with this guy. Appearantely she is under 18. Even though I was busy with my school stuffs I went with her. The other two days I went shopping with her and of course him. Where he paid for her things.
Now it has been a week and yesterday I overheard her saying to another girl I know
"I hate her, she used me. you know what she ate over 130 dollar from me. And you know S he didn't like her."
Then she kept calling me names.
I was shocked to hear that 00
Sheriously over 130 OMG to be exact it's 64 dollar and no I was planning to give it back.
The more shocking part was another close friend of mine was there and saying stuffs about me. REALLY?
that girl whom she was talking about knew I was sitting near them, but she didn't knew that A was referring to me.
My heart start beating fast and I started shaking. People who was sitting a round me noticed that and was so confused. ; ;
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Afterward I convinced myself that it's A afterall so nothing to be surprised or be sad. Afterthat O packed my things and went home. When i come home I immediately slept. I had a bunch of homeworks I had to finish ><
Guess that is what happen when you befriend with the wrong people.
What should I do? how can I deal with my other friends who is ovioding me?
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Ps. I knew her in junior school she would always coaxing me and convince me to do things that I don't want. I had a weak personlity back then. she controled me like I was her servant and sometime would blame me. I remember when day she stole her and this girl and then they blamed it on me. I was afraid to come to school the other day but I had to go. when I come she bullied and the other girl bullied with the other kids about that. At the end of the day I told the teacher.
How can I deal with this girl whom I once called friend?
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