Ferguson right or wrong?

Whether this was legal or not many things can be legal without being morally right. I think this can represent a deeper problem in America when people see black people they automatically think they are thieves they are poor but mostly dangerous. That means the stereotypes are still deep rooted when we look at each other so many people defended a cop who was 6"4 210 pounds man against a fairly big teenager, but people automatically believed Darren Wilson was afraid for his life because micheal brown was a black man would people defend Derren Wilson if he killed an 18 year old female teenager? This would bring us to tears. Furthermore, justice should be blind and this shows that America still has a race problem. We live in a country so sick that people actually financially support a person who killed a teenager whether this was an act of self defense or not how could we support such an act. Plus the prosicution didn't present a case to indite erren Wilson rather they were largely on his side this is illegal and is undermining our legal system because the jury can't listen to outside information and they can only factor in what is said inside the courtroom so as a result it was impossible for Darren Wilson to be punished. People look at what's happening around you can all this be a coincidence? I believe that we merely have a problem in right and wrong and it's obvious a grown man killing a teenager and then being morally defended from our country is wrong
I urge us to look at our hearts and pass race and see what is been happening is wrong and has to change.
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America can't empathize with this person because he was black and because of this we expel are key human values darren Wilson actually said micheal browns eyes turned red like a Demond but people can't see that maybe this guy was crying from being shot multiple times. Yes michael brown was wrong but is the penalty for robbing a store death? Is the penalty for resisting arrest death? Micheal Brown is dead because sadly he was a thug but justice is a fair punishment for all
Ferguson right or wrong?
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