I'm sorry it's long.. But can u please help?

A couple days ago I saw him at church and now I can't get it out of my mind. We had a big fight and now he is ignoring me and il ignoring him but it makes me feel terrible.
So what happened is... We were in the same class since k and when we went into highschool when this whole thing started all over again. So in eighth grade everyone was saying I liked this guy (let's call him John) so me and john sat next to each other the whole year during 7thgrade. We became good friends and we had this clay person and made like a home for it and stuff. Then in 8th grade we talked and stuff and I was also talking to this other guy and he was saying that he's a jerk and makes shit up. And he was telling me everything he did bad. So then I was like ok ill talk to him about it and u can be with me and then it turned into john talking to the guy. So that made a big deal and he just got mad at me all the time. Then also in 8th grade we would do this thing that I would call him short and he would call me something back and we started doing it in highschool but he got pissed. Then my friend was snapchatting everyone and j just answered fuck you so I talked to him about it texting and I was like what's up like why did you say that and later jn he kept calling me a jerk and stuff and said that we were never friends when we obviously were... So then I just apologized for calling him short and stuff and he still didn't want to be friends with me/ forgive me.. I just don't understand why he won't and I don't know what to do? Can you give me some advice to get him to forgive me/ get it out of my mind?
I'm sorry it's long.. But can u please help?
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