A dying soul is killing me inside?

I once knew one of the most amazing women in the world.
She was the sweetest person I have ever met.
I lived her because she was so caring.
She worked with me at a healthcare job where we encourage developmental disabled people to function in society.
Slowly as she has gotten into meth and heroin addiction, she had lost her job and slowly the great person that she was.
The past couple years I have visited her in jail and just seen a perfect soul slowly become nothing.
This is killing me inside.
She is losing family and friends. She is losing people that love her. It's getting so hard for me to even care. I don't want to find out one day that she is dead for real.
I am tired of caring for someone who has nothing left to care for themselves.
It's like a walking hollowed existence
A dying soul is killing me inside?
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