How to convince my dad to allow female roommates?

So, last summer, my dad bought a house for me and my brother because we go to the same uni. well we haven't had any really good records with having guy roommates, like we had one complete skip out on paying utilities (he only lived there a month), and the others haven't done much to help out with house work, which is part of the contract. like last year, I did all of the mowing, and all of the shoveling, etc. This year, my brother moved in with me, and one of his friends, all my brother really does is shovel the sidewalk, and not the driveway, because he "doesn't use it" which is a lie, because i take him places in my car, and his friends sometimes park there too. so while he isn;t using it directly, he is using it indirectly. Our other flatmate, says that he can't rake leaves, mow, or shovel, because it hurts his back, yet he can go hunting, and has a job at a construction site. He also let his dirty dishes pile up in the sink for weeks before he does them.

Well anyways, my brother is thinking about moving out and getting a place with his girlfriend and some other friends. which would be nice, because I already spent like 19 years living with my brother, why would I want more, right? (lol)

And because of our previous track record with roommates, none of them being all that helpful, I think i would like to try and get female roommates. The issue is that my dad is hesitant on that, because I think that he thinks that we'll just be having sex all of the time, or that he's just old fashioned like that, I don't know. But I think that having female roommates would be good, because generally women are more cleanlier than men. And if I can get someone to clean the house, I wouldn't mind doing the work outside of the house. and if they do want to help with both inside and outside work, I wouldn't have a problem with that either.

I just have to try and find a way to convince my dad that having co-ed roommates is a great idea. Any suggestions?
How to convince my dad to allow female roommates?
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