Just moved, but feeling a bit lonely?

so i moved on Monday to a different city and i'm attending UNI very soon. When i moved i had this idea in my head that getting friends or/and a boyfriend would be quite easy because since i dont know anyone here i have to be social in order to get friends and that i would get a new start etc.
I live with 6 other people and i have seen maybe two of them, aka i haven't physically met them, so i haven't had chance to get to know any of them them. The only way i see i could meet them if was i knocked on their room and said hello ( i think that would be a bit odd) or if i meet them in the hallway or in the kitchen. Since i have not attend any classes yet i haven't had chance to actually meet people in that scenario either.
I just feel like i failure since i haven't met anyone at all... But i have been sick, so that has been one reason i haven't been in the mood to talk to people
So can anyone give me some advice? Someone that have been a student or still is etc? it would be very helpful... i'm starting to get a bit lonely : o
Just moved, but feeling a bit lonely?
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