So some friend s of mine found out I'm homeless I'm embarssed? I been homeless for about 6 months?

so I'm 19 , I have a part time job and I go to community college but I'm hobo homeless. I keep a box of clothes and my 2 pair of Nike's and my one pair of shoes in storage. I getca change of clothes there. I pay the bill at like 50. I have a back with some work out clothes. I bought a gym mber so I work out. And I can shower. It a 24 hour gym so two showers a day lol. I keep my bpol s at school or at storage. I watch t. v on my phone I have Netflix and hulu 16.00 a month. Free wofi at the library. and I sleep at moetel 2 times a week some times three. other than that
I sleep on the bus which is a Two hour ride. I eat fast food like subway and del taco and fruit from Von's my food budget is like 80 bucks. I carry mini twooth brush shampoo conditioner deo and body spray in my back pack. I. make sure I smell good I buy portable soapa. I got to barber shop and get my hair done. like 20 bucks a cut.

Anyway enough about my life. all this my friend were all saying how come we never chill at my house and stuff I used to say cause ofy mom. But then one day I got tired of lying and told my three friend as homeless as that hobo over there. And they laughed by the stopped when I was serious. The were shocked cause they never would have guessed. They said I was lying and I showed everything. And they wen quite the rest of he day.. I felt weird cause ithink they pity me but I didn't want that. I'm stressed over that. I wasn't happy that in was homeless but I got over it you know like in first couple weeks now infeel bad again.
I started thinking about it today when I was at the laundrymat.

I'm in shape I freeaking abs.
I have extra money to go places I been to Knott's berry farm a bunch.
I. In school
I have a job part time but a job
And I have a full time job interview on Monday and it pays 15 a hour so yeah.
I just want to share that depessin story with you guys.
Let me know what u think
So some friend s of mine found out I'm homeless I'm embarssed? I been homeless for about 6 months?
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