QUARTER LIFE crisis What's next?

So I've been thinking a bit , got quite a bit of time now that it's winter and the sun set at like 4.

God damn , I'm getting old.
I grew up watching Johnny Bravo and Dexter and stuff.

In cartoon terms.
Johnny Bravo would now be like 36 possibly on GaG sending random girls messages

Daria would now be like... 30 writing sarcastic posts

Dexter would now be 26 and working in CERN or something.

I am pass the legal age to do almost ANYTHING I want now. I can fly a plane , shoot a gun , drink , drive , skydive.

But I have NO idea what should I do , I'm studying but I don't know where this will lead me.
I can do anything and everything and I've signed up to ALL OF THEM on clubs day but now all these new faces and names rushing to me is leaving me quite confused.
And I'm 10,000 km from home in a strange city without any sort of map guidance cos I don't have a SIN card issued yet.

I CHOSE to go abroad , I CHOSE to live alone , I CHOSE to be independent but now that I am... I don't know what's next...

What's next in life?
QUARTER LIFE crisis What's next?
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