What's worse being up front about stuff or being two face?

What's worse being too honest or being nice and then talking crap behind your back?

Ok so for more details read the rest of why I'm asking this. Or just answer that first question.

More details:
So I manage a small pizzeria. Like any workplace some people just don't get along right. Well most people in there HATE me. My boss loves how I run the store, things get done and money is always straight. Customers rarely complain... But for me to get stuff done I am on top of people. And I don't like people slacking either.

So people at work in my face like how I manage and how everything runs smoothly. Well apparently behind my back people talk SO much shit!! That Im such a bitch and how I'm too demanding and that Im not sweet. Ok I don't have the bubbly voice and Im just very up front about stuff.

So after I found out I can't stand going to work. I get asked by my coworkers how my day off was and stuff. I just want to ask "if you don't like me then why the fuck are you even asking?"

So what I'm I supposed to do? Keep the short talk with them or just ignore them? Take into account that I still have to give instructions to people sometimes.
Being upfront and clearing the air
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Being nice but talk behind people's back
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What's worse being up front about stuff or being two face?
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