Is it okay to ask her this question?

There's a girl in my class that I chat/snapchat with very often, almost daily.
To the story: One day me and one of her best friends were assigned to be in the same group for a group project in school, and I had to ask her an urgent question about the thing we did so I asked the girl I chat to (let's call her M) if she could contact my "partner" and tell her to log on Facebook so we could talk about the project. M said "Of course, no problem! :) *my name*" and I responded with "That's very kind of you, you're really sweet, thanks a lot *her name*! :)" (This is roughly translated from swedish so if there's any spelling errors my bad) and like 1 minute after she received and opened it she sent me a snap with this "He said like "That's very kind of you, you're really sweet, thank you *her name*!" so she clearly copied my text I sent her and like 3 seconds after I received it I got this "Oops, I meant to send it to E (her friend) *blushing smiley*" And I was like oh okay, no biggie but then I thought about it "Why would she send THAT to her friend?" and I haven't asked her about it. It's been a while since then but would it be all right to ask her what was up with that now? To finally get my answer I've been waiting for.
Thanks before hand!
Is it okay to ask her this question?
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