Shy or just not interested?

He's shy because: He always walks away super fast when it goes quiet when we do talk even if he started the conversation. Nervous? He doesn't keep it going though when I finish talking and ask a question back.

He's not interested because: He doesn't stare at me from a far and it doesn't seem like he's fighting the urge to not look he just doesn't.

Totally confused: He used to look down at his phone every time when he was walking past me but he would keep walking back & forth right in front of me - but won't look at me. Now he'll take a whole new path/hallway entirely if he sees me even if I don't see him myself and he walks with his down and looks back up when he walks past my area like he doesn't want me to recognize him... but obviously he can spot me out of a crowd.

He seemed happy at first when I spoke to him now he looks pissed when he's right in front of me - like he looked up towards the sky and turned around.
Shy or just not interested?
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