How to know if she is still thinking about me?

Hey everyone, about 3 months ago my girlfriend broke up with me (reason being I had sh*tty social life and work). For the following month she wanted to keep in touch (not me!), `cos she was saying that she maybe still loved me. Then 2 months ago, I made another step forward, but she refused me. At that point I felt hurt and called her up saying bad things to her. I apologized but she texted me that "everything is ok, but we are not keeping in touch".

Now, after 2 months I have never tried to contact her. I miss her, love and hate her at times. I have also made improvements and found a good job with career prospects.

I need to know if she still thinks about me and if it is time for me to try again. She posted a song on twitter, the song goes: "I never meant to hurt you but things got so complicated. And I have nothing else to say. Then I met another cute guy..."

I think that song has got do with me. and I wonder, if someone is over you why would post such a thing? especially if the other "cute" guy could see the post. It does not make sense to me. It may b just a way of trying to make me think about her?

Also, you see, I would email her myself, but I have to respect her wish not to keep in touch. Although I know that after saying what she said, she hardly would call me or text me, unless she found herself in love with me again, which I doubt.

I could ask her friend. But I think it is a bad idea. Is it?

thank you!
How to know if she is still thinking about me?
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