DNA Testing - Do you know your ancestry?

So I just purchased a kit from Family Tree DNA to test my DNA , no not to see if my parents are related to me , tho I do suspect they are secretly plotting for my downfall... hmm..

Anyone done one of those DNA tests before?
Do you know where you're from?
Do you know your ethnicity percentage?
Did your ancestors come from Africa or did they evolve from Asia?

What was your experience like?
Yes I have done it before (please share)
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No I haven't , but I'm interested
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+1 y
It's only for $99 by the way
Not hard selling family tree DNA or anything but I have a coupon code for it that cuts $15 out of the order.
There are a few other services around too.
+1 y
My surname tells me I am a descendant of a barbarian nomadic clan with people coming from as far as to Western Turkic Khaganate and as south as to Bangladesh so eh them nomads eh

Slightly confused about my origin.
DNA Testing - Do you know your ancestry?
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