Workplace confessions ?

What's something funny that happened at your work place that you just can't get over!

I'll start:
I was working in a Bingo Hall and I was still new and wasn't sure what I was doing, this really sweet little elderly lady shouted 'Bingo!' So I ran over, she was sat with her daughter.
So I had to try and act like I knew what I was doing. In a room filled with hundreds of people, through a microphone! There's 3 numbers on the bingo booklet and I had to work out which one to read.. I took a guess.
While I was reading it out her face lit up and she said 'I can't believe it I've never won before!'
The host said it wasn't a winning booklet and her face DROPPED.
My heart sank! I knew I'd read out the wrong number but how do you admit that on your first day in a SILENT room hahaha?
Was well scary! So I just said 'Sorry, better luck next time' and went away!

I still feel so so bad haha!
Workplace confessions ?
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