Do you discriminate against the widow?

I 'm in a little town of China. Everything goes well until last September... My husband died in a accident in his workplace when I was two months pregnant... Why he die? Be murdered or suicided? No words or testament left.
I am helpless but I still give birth to my son... Now he is almost ten months. Do you know only child family? I have no bothers. no sisters. My parents are getting old. I go to work in the day and care for my son in the night. I want to remarry with a good guy before my son go to the kindergarten. I can earn money to support my family. but I can't be a man to give paternal love to my son.
Unfortunately most of Chinese discriminate the widow... Widower can find a stepwife smoothly. but widow not. They think that widow is not auspicious and the death of husband is due to his unlucky wife. They also laugh at posthumous child. I feel hopeless now... I don't know why they can cheat widower with friendly and kindly, only discriminate the innocent widow and her child.
The public opinion is relentless. What should I do? Please help me!
Do you discriminate against the widow?
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