Is it legal to pay women less than men?

So i just came across this article that basically said the reason for the perceived wage gap is down to the fact that women tend to chose lower paying jobs/professions, and men tend to chose higher paying jobs. Now that's perfectly fine, if you chose a lower paying job you can't complain about getting paid less than somebody who choses a higher paying job, simple logic. Now the thing that I found disturbing was that it also said that even when men and women are doing the EXACT SAME JOB, women are still paid '5 cents' less than men. I find it absolutely ridiculous that in 2014 this type of thing could happen and i want to know if this is legal? Is this only in America? Because it says 'cents' in the article, and i'm from England and have never heard of this happening over here.
It's perfectly legal, women deserve to be paid less than men.
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It's perfectly legal, but I don't understand why it's even allowed to happen.
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It's legal in America but not England.
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No, it's completely illegal to pay women less.
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Is it legal to pay women less than men?
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