How can I last until May with my irritating housemate?

I'm in my third year of college, I moved in with strangers this year. They're all first years. One is this extremely irritating girl.

Here's the issues...

- She is the most clingy person I've ever met. Texts me multiple times per day asking about my whereabouts, follows me around the house, etc

- Doesn't knock, just walks straight on into my room, sits on the end of my bed, often doesn't even say anything, just stares at me or her phone. She comes in when I am on the phone to my boyfriend or family members and just sits there until I have to actually ask her to leave.

- Fabricates alternative versions of events. For instance, she will ask me to go to the cinema with her then tell others that I'm "bringing her to the cinema" (as if we're dating) she tells people she "cooks for me all the time " because she's "the housewife" when she has cooked for me twice I think in the college year. Not that I want her to but it is all an attempt on her part to present me as domestically retarded when I've been living on my own for four years before her and I'm 3-4 years older

- Condescending towards others by saying "aww, sweetie" and things of that nature.

- Abnormally hyperactive, loud, obnoxious and peppy to the point where it just puts people on edge

Basically she's crazy
I think she might have a personality disorder. And she is driving me mental so I don't even know if I can deal with her for the next four months. but how do you keep distance with a housemate?
How can I last until May with my irritating housemate?
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