Why are people so ignorant with insecure people?

From what I've seen, when people talk to insecure individuals, their IQ seems to drop dramatically. People are immensely stupid in self-esteem related conversations. They seem to think that confidence is a thing that you can buy in a store. They seem to think that confidence is a potion you drink or something. They seem to think that confidence is something immediate, something that's struck upon you. Newsflash! It isn't!

Confidence is something that depends immensely on your childhood. If you had lots of friends, good parents and lots of positive reinforcement, your confidence as a grown individual (adolescence, adulthood) will be abundant. If you were bullied by everyone in your class, if you came from a broken home and had the universe bite your hand off everytime you tried to reach out of it, your confidence would be in the dumps as a grown individual. Of course you can be a confident individual even with a tough childhood, but gues what? It's the hardest fucking thing in life! You will not make it in a week, or a month, sometimes not even a fucking year! It's just that your brain was hardwired to think accordingly to your childhood experiences!(I'm gonna have a laugh at people trying to contradict my scientifically proven statement.) If you were punched everytime you talked, you would grow up with a huge fear to speak. BUT, if you were praised everytime you talked, you'd grow up confident of your ability to speak. Basic psychology (classic conditioning, I think).

Now, keep this in mind everytime you judge someone based on their self-esteem.
Why are people so ignorant with insecure people?
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