Why do children wear a hijab?

So I teach a swimming class and I've a bit of an issue with the muslim family and the people who own the pool.

Because that girl showed covered head to toe in a kinda wetsuit, I guess, like this

And for once it's not exactly easy to teach someone to swim in that thing, it's kinda in the way. And secondly the people who own the pool were saying she can't go in like that because it's too much fabric and it clogs up the filters.

So I told her parents she has to wear a normal bathing suit the next time and they were kinda upset. Saying it's against their religion and that she has to be covered.
But why? Really why? Because from what I understand it's so you don't attract or tempt men.

She is 7 years old. And in the group are children ages 5 - 8. What men is she gonna attract? The boys there still think girls are "eww"
She didn't come back this week, so I'm assuming her parents aren't letting her go anymore, which is just sad. Why would you do that to your child?
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Oh and her twin brother is also in the group and he's still there and wearing normal swimming trousers
Why do children wear a hijab?
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