Why are so many girls so mean?

I kind of have trouble making female friends. I have a couple of nice ones, but most girls are just plain old cruel. Even my female cousins will leave me out of things. They don't really invite me to go anywhere, and if they do they don't talk to me.
They either ignore me or give me this I'm better than you attitude. I have one cousin who will talk nicely to anyone, but me.
The only time they do want to talk is to know my business so they can tell my family. I don't even drink or anything, but every little mistake I make they're dying to let everyone know.

Some females will talk back with an attitude for no reason or talk poorly to me I'm general. This isn't even in my head. when I say this because someone else will always say "well that was rude"

For example my manager gave my an attitude to punch out even tho it was ten minutes after I was suppose to leave. The other manager asked her why she was being do rude.

Then SOMETIMES are just random women strangers who try and start drama.
so I stick up for myself and they just stay silent and look like they either want to cry or look mad because I stood up for myself. It makes no sense.

I understand that not every female will be friends. Everyone is different, and not everyone will have a friendship connection. Why be cruel tho? Like i didn't do anything to these females
Why are so many girls so mean?
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