How to break out of a social circle?

When I was in middle school, I was a weirdo. Ended up being a loner. But I got some friends and slowly just learned how to control myself and I have been good for years.

Ok so what's the big deal? Well, I kinda outgrew all my friends. They all want to sit around all day, being potheads and complaining there's nothing to do and I want to go out and DO something. . . anything. It just becomes more and more obvious to me that I don't belong with this crowd but my problem is that I really don't fit into a clique. I also don't really know how to just start hanging out with new people. I don't know a lot of people and that makes it really hard for me to have a conversation with someone new.

I know i'm still a bit strange, but people who get to know me end up liking and respecting me. Some people think I'm really funny too. Has anyone ever been in a similar situation?
How to break out of a social circle?
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